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Change: this aid station is located below Taschachhaus for this year.

The Taschachhaus in Pitztal is located between the glacier tongues of the ‘Taschachferner’ and the ‘Sexegertenferner’ glaciers at 2,434 m. The location ideally meets the requirements for alpine high tours, ice tours, training and advanced training for the build-up of expeditions. In addition, very beautiful ‘single day’ or ‘multi-day’ hikes are possible in this impressive landscape.

The trail runners reach the mountain hut over the Fuldaer high course, which leads high above the Taschachtal valley & above the tree line in a southerly direction for about 11 km. On the second part of the high course, the glaciated mountains of Ötztal (including the Brochkoel and Wildspitze peaks) gradually come into view in a spectacular way.

 Tip: The mountain hut offers a direct view of the glacier.

  • At 2,434 m above sea level
  • Aid station no. 4 of the P105
  • Aid station no. 4 of the P90
  • Aid station no. 4 of the P60
  • Aid station no. 4 of the P45-Glacier
  • Aid station no. 2 of the P45-Rifflsee
  • Aid station no. 2 of the P30
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