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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail
Hereinafter the Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail event will be abbreviated as PAGT.

  1. Use – application

PAGT is an event by the Pitztal Tourist Association, Unterdorf 18, 6473 Wenns. The latest changes to the terms and conditions are always kept up to date on the event’s website. The terms and conditions (in the version valid at the time of registration) are part of the agreement between organiser and participant.

  1. Course stages  character

The different courses are located in high alpine terrain. Course stages are in parts located over 3,000 m above sea level and in hard-to-reach terrain. Particularly the P100, P85, P60, P45-Glacier and P45-Rifflsee competitions are extremely long and high alpine trails. All trails give a sense of adventure and guarantee a mountain experience. Participants of these events are aware of the increased risk they are taking. Among other things, every participant has to be sure-footed and free from giddiness.

  1. Service by the organiser and participants personal responsibility

The organiser provides the following infrastructure for the participant:

  • Marked race course
  • Provisions (en course and at the finish)
  • Medical service and mountain rescue en course and at the finish
  • Information during the race regarding course changes due to alpine dangers (sudden changes in weather etc.)

The PAGT participants are aware that the event puts high demands on the participants. With this knowledge, starting the PAGT is their personal responsibility. Part of this responsibility is an awareness of their own state of health, level of fitness and equipment. It is essential that participants abandon the run as soon as it threatens to become a health risk. It is imperative, that the instructions of the organiser and its authorised staff are followed. The organiser and its authorised staff can at any time exclude and/or disqualify participants from the event. This particularly applies when their own safety or the safety of other participants is at risk. A refund of the entry fee is no longer possible.

As this event takes place in partly unspoilt nature, the disposal of waste in the open countryside is forbidden. A display of environmental awareness is expected in other ways as well. When encountering health problems or accidents of other participants, runners are required to administer first aid.

  1. Registration

Registration is only possible via the designated online form. The participant’s registration is deemed binding after the online registration has taken place and receipt of payment within 14 days to the organiser’s bank account.

The organiser has fixed an organisational limit of a maximum of 1,000 participants. Registrations exceeding this limit are not accepted.

If a registered participant does not compete, the participation fee cannot be claimed back nor can the starter kit be dispatched. The same applies if a participant informs the organiser before the start that he/she will not be able to start.

Participation for under 18 year old persons, is not allowed.

  1. Challenges and Health

It is absolutely necessary for the participation in the P100, P85, P60, P45-Glacier and P45-Rifflsee competitions that the participant has an excellent fitness level (in both a physical and psychological sense). In addition, the participant has to have a marked sense of direction. The organiser recommends an acclimatisation of several days above 1,700 m for all participants.

  1. Equipment

Weather conditions can rapidly change in the Alps. A sudden fall in temperature to below freezing with snowfall and sudden storms over 2,000 m sea level are possible at any time. For the different competitions, the following equipment is compulsory and will be checke



Additionally the following is advised for all competitions:
Sun cream, sunglasses, visor cap, walking poles and min. 500 ml water (P15/30)

  1. Safe event execution

The organiser assures participants of the best possible execution of the event. The necessary arrangements will be carried out on the basis of external conditions. The organiser is entitled at short notice and without having to refund the entry fee to:

a) make course changes;
b) to pause and then continue the run;
c) to cancel or not to start the run;

In the event of no-show, cancellation of the event or interruption due to force majeure, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the organizational fee.

  1. Course information/ -finish and traffic management

Since external weather effects can render the course markers unrecognisable (drift caused by wind, blurring due to rain etc.) it is absolutely essential that participants study the race course thoroughly. Participants must be able to find the trails with the aid of the course map. A timechart for the individual course sections is provided with the last possible passage times. Participants arriving after these cut-off times will be removed from the run by authorised staff. Traffic rules must be adhered to where the course crosses public paths and roads.

  1. Medical assistance, emergency medical services

Corresponding with the nature of the trail courses, medical service/coaching and medical attendance is limited to the participants. The medical service is entitled to remove participants that are at risk of harming their own health for a certain period of time or permanently from the run. In case of accidents or physician-directed run-disqualifications, the care and evacuation costs by the civil ambulance service are at the expense of the participant.

  1. Bib number

The bib number has to be worn personally and has to be clearly visible. It entitles access to provisions, emergency rooms and bedrooms, showers and baggage safekeeping.

  1. Baggage storage

Various equipment can be deposited at the finish aid station. This has to be handed in at the finish aid station at least 30 minutes before the start of the run. The organiser assumes no liability for the storage of the equipment items (for example backpack, shoes, clothing etc.).

  1. Lost property

Lost property can be handed in or collected from the information centre during the race. It cannot be stored or forwarded.

  1. Protests

Protests must be submitted in writing to the organiser no later than one hour after the finish, a fee of 60,- EUR will be charged.

  1. Disqualification

Participants will be disqualified if they abandon the course, do not abide by the rules, behave in an unsporting manner. The organiser makes the definitive decision regarding disqualifications.

  1. Data protection

By registering, participants automatically consent to the publication of their name, first name, age group, place of residence and nationality in the start and ranking lists and the running time of the event. The registered data of every participant can also be forwarded confidentially to sponsors and partners of Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail.
If you have agreed at the time of registration that your data in the result list will be passed on to ITRA, UTMB & DUV, they will keep following data of you: first name, surname, date of birth, duration, nationality

This consent applies to the publication on the Internet, in printed media, on TV/teletext, to speaker announcements and also for notices of start and ranking lists during the event. Photographs and film material produced in relation to PAGT can be used on the Internet, in printed media and TV without entitlement to payment.

The organiser reserves the right to use the stated personal data for marketing purposes unless the participants disapprove in writing.

  1. Legal disclaimer

With the online registration the participant accepts the general terms and conditions (thereafter called GTC ).

Compensation claims of the participants towards the organiser on whatever legal grounds are excluded. This does not apply if the organiser, his legal representatives or performing agents acted deliberately or grossly negligent or if damages by injury to life, body or health occurred accountable to the organiser or through the breach of fundamental contractual obligations result in legal liability.

The participant is prepared to undergo equipment inspections that serve as an assessment of the compulsory equipment. These controls are announced and carried out by the organiser. The participant knows and accepts the conditions of participation and the applicable rules to their full extent. He/she states expressively that they have read and understood the rules, regulations and conditions therein in full. The participant declares with his/her signature that the participation in the event is at his/her own risk and that he/she is insured adequately against accidents (also abroad).

The organiser does not assume liability for health risks of the participant in connection with PAGT participation. The participant has checked his/her health condition and assures the organiser that there are no health or fitness concerns with regards to PAGT participation. Moreover, the participant is entirely responsible for the care and standard of equipment according to these GTC’s.

The organiser does not assume liability for lost valuable items, clothing or equipment.

The organiser is not liable for performance loss eventuating from the participant being inhibited entirely or partly to participate due to legal regulations and/or ordinances by public authorities.

  1. Confirmation

With their registration participants confirm explicitly that:

a) they know the nature of the course sections and the associated greater risks of this event;
b) as participants of PAGT, they are sure-footed, free of giddiness and in an excellent state with regards to their fitness levels and health;
c) they are able to judge weather developments in the high Alps and adapt their behaviour accordingly;
d) they are aware of the extremely high personal responsibility with regards to their state of health, fitness level and equipment;
e) have studied the running course;
f) they accept the organiser’s refusal to assume any liability towards the participant;
g) they know and adhere to the rules.

Status: 2018